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  • The grand occasion of the 51st China Higher Education Expo

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    On April 26-28, 2018, Foshan Xiandao Digital Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the China Higher Education Expo in Wuhan. This year, the "National Higher Education Equipment Exhibition" hosted by the China Higher Education Association was renamed "China Higher Education Expo" "The first year. By participating in the expo, the company demonstrated a new product Industry 4.0 teaching practice platform. After seeing the practice platform, many teachers showed a strong interest and desire for further contact. During the period, we contacted

    Many new merchants have extensively communicated and interacted with new and old customers on the platform. Here are some highlights from the Expo. This exhibition has two highlights and five major changes.

    Two highlights: First, to serve the country’s “Belt and Road” initiative, the China High-Tech Expo specially invited the delegation of Pakistan from countries along the “Belt and Road” to participate. Pakistan sent a total of 26 representatives from 9 universities of the highest level in the country to the conference. Second, in order to learn more about Comrade Huang Danian’s patriotic sentiments of being self-sufficient and sincere to serve the country, effectively promote the construction of college teachers, and create a high-quality, professional and innovative college faculty, this year's Gaobo will host the first "National College Huang Danian A series of activities such as the exhibition of achievements in the construction of the "Teacher Team", the Dialogue Salon "Into the National University Huang Danian Teacher Team", and the "New Era College Teacher Team Construction and Development Forum". At the forum, the teacher representatives of the "National College Huang Danian Teacher Team" will give a typical experience introduction, and at the same time, the "Wuhan Initiative" will be issued to the national college teachers around "learning from Huang Danian and being a people's teacher in the new era".

    Five major changes: First, stand higher and farther. From a simple display of teaching equipment and equipment to serving a major national strategy, serving the reform and development of higher education, promoting the modernization of higher education equipment, and creating a national business card serving the development of higher education. Second, the content is richer. Expanded from exhibitions, conferences and forums to a comprehensive, multi-perspective, wide-area, multi-module, and integrated system to serve the reform and development of higher education in the new era. Third, cooperation is broader. From the negotiation between single academies and manufacturers to online and offline interactions, the integration and development of schools and enterprises, especially in the context of the development of military-civilian integration in recent years, military academies and military-to-civilian enterprises have also joined it. Fourth, services are more diverse. Extend the original service providers and purchasers of teaching equipment in colleges and universities to serve the education and teaching reform of colleges and universities, the professional development of teachers, the innovation and entrepreneurship of students, and the major strategic needs of the country, such as the "Belt and Road" initiative, military-civilian integration, etc. Fifth, there are more forms. It has built a high-end shared platform integrating exhibitions, trade negotiations, high-end forums, achievement transformation, and competition activities.


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